Our Work

View our filmography here. A sample of our work can be found below.



A sample demo of some of our recent work.


Ruddock Performing Arts Centre (King Edward's School, Birmingham)


A timelapse video compiled from 4000 photos by Elliander Pictures showing the construction of the new Ruddock Performing Arts Centre at King Edward's School, Birmingham.

More information about this incredible new facility can be found at www.RuddockPAC.com


"Where the Hell is Kevin?" Short Film (Oxford University)

A few sample tracks from the short film 'Where the Hell is Kevin?', video coming soon.


Encounter Proof of Concept Teaser


Short teaser for the Encounter proof of concept trailer. Full trailer can be seen here.

View our page about Encounter.


First Impressions (Cinesamples: Piano in Blue)

Our first impressions on the new Cinesamples piano patch: Piano in Blue.


"5Cents" Short Film (Cambridge University)

A few tracks from the short film '5cents', coming July 2012.


Chase-Climax Sequence

Exciting sneak peek from some recent sessions - a chase-to-climax sequence.


Encounter Proof of Concept Trailer


A proof of concept trailer for Elliander Pictures' new feature film 'Encounter'. For further information visit the Elliander Pictures website and www.EncounterFilm.com.

View our page about Encounter.


Concept Theme

Synthesised theme incorporating various different sound libraries. Currently not used in any projects.


The Price of Freedom


A short film set during the First World War, this is a story of a young father, who leaves his family to fight for his country. Over the course of the film he struggles to understand the purpose of war and futility of human sacrifice. The film uses the emotive literature of the Great War Poets, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen, to tell his story. For more information visit the Elliander Pictures website.

View our page about The Price of Freedom.