by Elliander Pictures (in production)

Encounter is a feature length sci-fi thriller intended for theatrical release. This high concept, commercially appealing film is targeted at both the sci-fi and thriller genre fanbases, giving it the greatest chance of commercial success with the broadest demographic appeal. The film is set to go into production throughout 2012 with sales and marketing commencing late 2013.

Currently in the early stages of pre production, Elliander Pictures are looking for potential investors with an interest in cinema. This production is Elliander Pictures' most exciting project to date. For more information please visit the website here.

CDMH are closely developing concept music with Elliander Pictures to aid in the hunt for investment, and to get a kick start on the writing process early on in production. Unfortunately, all developed music must stay very secret at this stage, but we will share any progress as soon as we're allowed!


Teaser Trailer


A promotional trailer for the behind-the-scenes look at the making of the proof of concept short by Elliander Pictures' REEL Deal Online Film School. Watch these fantastic videos on YouTube.


Proof of Concept Trailer


This short, 5mins sequence was written and produced specifically to show, in concept, the style and feel of the finished film. The aim was to create something with pace and an over-riding feeling of suspense. It was shot over 2 nights with a shoe-string budget and although the production values here to do not reflect those of the final film, it helps portray the thriller aspects that will be present in Encounter.




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